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Review: Raine Falling by Paula Marinaro

Title: Raine Falling
By: Paula Marinaro
Series: Hells Saints Motorcycle Club #1
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

After a lifetime of uncertainty, Raine Winston shouldn’t be fazed by anything anymore. But she’s terrified. Terrified that her wayward sister, Claire, has gotten into debt dangerously over her head. Terrified that a muscle-clad biker named Diego doesn’t want payment with money—he wants much more. And terrified of the dizzying desire she feels whenever Diego touches her…

Diego Montesalto spends his days raising hell and his nights in the arms of fast, easy women. Tough, tattooed, and used to taking what he wants, he refuses to get emotionally invested in anyone. But he can’t stop thinking about Raine’s sweet smell, striking blue eyes, and quiet determination. She may have the spirit of a warrior, but she needs someone to guide and protect her.

When Raine has no choice but to go on the run, she falls straight into the Hells Saints’ mayhem-filled world…and into Diego’s strong arms. But in a life filled with hard choices, raw lust, and blood-soaked violence, is there room for loyalty…or love?

I put my hand in his and my head on his shoulder."Prospers?" "Yes, Little Darlin?" "I've run clear out of brave," I whispererd. "Just so happens I got some brave saved up just for you, Raine," he said against my hair. More silence. "So, Prosper?" I dropped my chin to his shoulder. "Yes, Little Darlin'?" His voice shaky now. "You got this?" My voice shaky now too. "I got this." (Falling Raine Chapter 16) 

Raine Falling is by far my favorite of all the MC novels I have had the pleasure of reading. I was captivated first and for most by the love and devotion between Prosper and Raine. At every single dark turn he rides out of the darkness and sweeps up both Raine and Claire. I was immediately in love with his character, and the Fatherly role that he plays throughout this entire story. On the other hand, I was not so much feeling the love for Diego's character in the beginning. The instant attraction slowed my pace at first, and gave me a bit of the creeper feeling Diego. Although, once Raine returns to Prosper for safety that romance seems to halt a bit. The transition in the story gave the much needed time for detail to grow. Without this change in pace there would have been no possible way for such an incredible romance between these two characters. There are so many powerful relations in this story it is an emotional ride from start to finish. The dedication and deep connections that so many of the characters build throughout this story offer a strong sense of loyalty and devotion. Marinaro is an extremely talented author, and everything about this story line displays her ability and creative nature. I would definitely go so far as to say that Raine Falling was one of the best reads of the year. There is not a minute of this story that readers will not feel and crave. I can not say enough wonderful things about the story that I just read. I can not wait for more from this author, and this series.

~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~

Review: Unethical by Jennifer Blackwood

Title: Unethical
By: Jennifer Blackwood
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

Love burns hotter the second time around… 

Two years ago, the medical world was shaken by scandal, and Payton Daniels's family was at the center of it. The second she graduated, Payton left everything behind―her high school sweetheart, her family, and the controversy surrounding her mother's death—and hid within the anonymity of college. But Payton’s ex, Blake Hiller, hasn't forgiven her for leaving, and when he enrolls in the same medical ethics class, she panics. She can’t run the risk of him telling everyone who she really is. As if being at the same university isn’t enough, both Blake and Payton land the same internship. Forced together, their passion for each other reignites, but when Payton is asked to testify in her father’s high-profile trial, she must choose between risking her acceptance into medical school to help her father, and losing every connection to her past—including the only guy she’s ever loved.

Unethical is a very controversy, and fitting with the current events of Brittany Maynard. For those that are not familiar, Brittany Maynard was the Brain Cancer patient that invoked the Death with Dignity Act, resulting in her death earlier this month. Unethical is a very creative story that offers a love story wrapped with this very
controversial topic. Payton's family is forever changed after the death of her Mother. The decision of her mother to end her struggles with Breast Cancer comes at a time that this is not an lawfully acceptable act. With Payton's Father being a physician this plays on the very sensitive debate of physician ethics; resulting in his being charged with the murder of his wife after assisting her with suicide. Payton and Blake have had a very rocky past. This is one of those situations where it seems life got in the way. Overcome with grief Payton's reaction to flee is an reasonable action, but it has cost her years of loneliness. These characters are perfect for one another, and this is ultimate second chance romance. Unethical is an entertaining romance wrapped with this highly debatable topic. With this content expect a deep read that is not only enjoyable, but also reflecting. Readers will find themselves plagued with the "what if", and naturally pick apart their own opinions and values with this story.

Review: Beneath This Mask by Meghan March

Title: Beneath This Mask
By: Meghan March
Series: Beneath #1
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
BookWhisperer Rating:

My name is Charlotte Agoston, and I’m a runner. Not the ‘let’s go for a jog and slap a 26.2 sticker on your bumper’ kind of runner; I’m the kind of runner who takes off when her father is staring down the barrel of a guilty verdict that carries a 175-year sentence for perpetrating the largest fraud in the history of the world. That’s right. Bernie Madoff was an amateur compared to Alistair Agoston.

Faced with living under a cloud of suspicion and constant questioning by the FBI, I ran. I’m making a new life in New Orleans as Charlie Stone. I traded my future in New York high finance for tattoos, booze, a few friends who don’t ask questions, and one giant mutt named Huckleberry Finn. Everything is simple and uncomplicated until Simon Duchesne—former hotshot Navy fighter pilot, NOLA’s favorite son, city councilman, and rumored congressional hopeful—walks into my life.

The flashing cameras he attracts threaten to expose everything I’m hiding, but I can’t seem to stay away. Why are the most dangerous ideas always the most seductive?

In trying to get lost, I found myself. And then I found Simon. He loves me, and he doesn’t even know my real name. I’m going to break his heart, but mine will shatter right along with it. This is our story.

Will we be strong enough to face the consequences of revealing what’s beneath this mask?

Charlotte is in the middle of her worst nightmare, and that is exactly where Beneath This Mask takes off. Everything in her life has been a lie, and now she must find a way to start new. New comes in the form of a couple jobs, a new identity, and several permanent tattoos in New Orleans. A city that always offer the hustle and bustle seemed like the perfect hide away, and a chance to effectively disappear. Only when Charlie meets Simon the only things she seems to want to do would be the one thing that will give away her location. I love the story of Simon's Family this adds a perfect dynamic of a safe and non judgmental zone. Even with the occasional commentary from Simon's Father, with his own history it is obvious that this will be a losing battle for him to see through. I loved the perception of the Orleans lifestyle, and the easy going life that is portrayed here. This was a story about a young woman determination to make things right enlight of her Father sad mistakes; and somewhere in the middle discover herself, and a chance at love.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~ 

Eluded Sale!!

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Lives intersect only to be changed indefinitely...

This isn't your typical girl meets boy.
There isn't a glass slipper or Prince Charming.
I've lived it and now it will be told.
Welcome to my personal hell...

I once saved lives and now... I so easily end them.
Women are drawn to me like a moth to the flame, and like the moth not all of them continue on. Some are broken, others are damaged, and a few never make it out... but it's their decision to live. Only they often don't know that until it's too late.
F*ck the rules, I create my own in a world where I have nothing left to lose. Living is a game, and I'm the reigning champion by being stronger and smarter than my prey.
This is your warning. If you radiate vulnerability, you could be my next victim. Don't try to hide. I'm not easily eluded.

It started with me and now it will end with me.
Some people call me an uncontrollable killing monster. I f*cking laugh at the mention of the word.
Monsters have no control.
I've got plenty.
I don't kill without reason. I don't kill the innocent.
I hunt the ones that deserve it, the real monsters, the ones without regret or a soul.

Disclaimer: There are situations that some may find uncomfortable and could be considered as triggers. ELUDED is intended for a mature audience.

Here With Me Trailer

Here With me
By: Heidi McLaughlin
Ryley Clarke has grown up with the military in her blood, with both parents serving their country. Ryley knows the risks of being married to the military. But when the unthinkable happens, and her future husband is killed in action, Ryley can barely survive... until Evan's twin brother, Nate, helps her pick up the pieces.
After serving on a special mission with the military for six years, Evan Archer returns home to find the unthinkable - the love of his life, Ryley Clarke - engaged to his brother, Nate.  With Nate on deployment, Evan needs to figure out what happened in his absence, and more importantly, how to win Ryley back from the man he once considered his best friend, but now thinks of as his rival.

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Review: Felix by Elizabeth Reyes

Title: Felix
By: Elizabeth Reyes
Series: 5th Street
My Copy: Book from Author
The BookWhisperer's Rating:

They say the only good thing about hitting rock bottom is that it can't get any worse . . . or can it?

World famous boxing champ, Felix Sanchez, had it all—the fame, the fortune, and all the women any man could ask for. When the hours of partying followed by hours spent in court and in rehab begin to outnumber the hours he spends training, losing his title comes as no surprise to everyone. The world assumes he deserved to lose it.

Only those closest to Felix know the real truth behind his sudden downward spiral. And if Felix has his way, no one else ever will. With an uncertain future ahead of him, he heads back to his roots—5th Street—the gym that started it all for him. It's where he meets the humble but mighty little Ms. Ella.

The only times Felix had ever decided to forgo the usual meaningless fling and try a real relationship he was burned badly. Now the adorable but tenacious self-defense instructor has him considering this love thing one more time.

Then just when he begins to worry that his past is letting his possessive and jaded heart get the best of him, he's blindsided in the most brutal way—he's brought to his knees—to what could be the one low in his life he may never recover from.

It’s the last 5th Street story and I have no problem admitting that it was hard to start and finish this book knowing that this world was opened to me a few years ago and would close the moment I read the last word.  Granted, I know that I always have to books to go back and re-read (and I will) but it is still just sad that I don’t get to read more about these wonderful men – the 5th Street guys.

So, what did I think?  I absolutely loved it!  I will say that I had some iffy feelings for Felix during the other books because he was a little rougher than the other guys.  I knew deep down he was good but he sure did create some problems every once and a while.  However, this attitude that he presented made me excited to read about him, because I know that Elizabeth would do a wonderful job writing his story and making me fall in love with him…which she did!

I don’t think that I ever connected with a 5th Street guy more than I did with Felix.  All of them were great, but Felix was a little different.  Like I said before, he was a little rougher, but it was the back-story behind him that won my heart over.  It was also the way he treated Ella that made my heart soar even more.  As a character, Felix truly struggled with his life and the choices that he made but Ella made him rethink all of it and their relationship was beautiful.  So beautiful that I actually cried reading the amount of hope and love that they had for each other and I cried because of the struggles that they went through.

I remember going over to Jackie’s house one day and she held up the book that we received from Elizabeth (THANK YOU!) and said, “Lookie what we got.” I immediately snatched it out of her hands and didn’t give her the choice to read it first.  When I finished it and dropped it off a few days later, I told her, “Be ready, it will make you love Elizabeth, Felix, and you will cry.”

This book was a fantastic end to a wonderful series.  Thank you Elizabeth for sharing their stories with us.

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Southern Rocker Chic Release

Author Ginger Voight returns her readers to the star-making world of rockers and romance with her SOUTHERN ROCKER series. It's all the angst and the passion you desire, with several familiar faces from the beloved GROUPIE universe along the way! SOUTHERN ROCKER BOY is written from Jonah's point of view and SOUTHERN ROCKER CHICK is from Lacy's point of view.


When Jonah Riley’s father dies unexpectedly, he, his grieving mother and ailing sister are forced to move from the country to Austin, Texas. Jonah finds work at an auspicious night spot called Southern Nights, where he earns a few extra bucks as a bouncer-turned-musician.
There he meets fiery songstress Lacy Abernathy, who has no use for him or anyone else in the club when she’s not on stage. This is an entirely new experience for this ladies’ man. The opportunistic club owner latches onto this chemistry to fill her club, playing with their hearts and livelihoods for her own questionable motives.
Enter music executive Graham Baxter, who offers them both a way out…by competing for a recording contract they both need. Now if only they can fight the intense chemistry that keeps them locked in battle, when they're not locked in each other's arms, that is!

Lacy Abernathy has wanted one thing and one thing only since she was twelve years old. She wants to make music. But she quickly learns that as a woman, her sexuality often goes part and parcel with her dream. At first it works in her favor, getting her on stage with a hot rock star on the rise. But after a whirlwind romance to get her into bed, he leaves her stranded at 19, alone with a baby he refuses to acknowledge.
Three years later she is as bitter as she is stuck. She wants nothing to do with the sexy rocker chick image, especially when it seems to attract every guy she would rather avoid. Her bad attitude gets her fired, again. Her mother issues the ultimatum: Make the next gig work, or give up music entirely.
Lacy ends up back at Southern Nights, an Austin hotspot that had been the source of most of her heartache. There a sexy country boy-turned-rock star Jonah Riley is persistent as he tries to woo her, despite all her best efforts to keep him away. Can she really trust another sexy rocker with her heart, especially when there’s so much at stake?

Ginger Voight is prolific author, freelance writer and optioned screenwriter. Her fiction is diverse, with novels like the edgy, coming-of-age drama DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS, and the fun family adventure for kids of all ages, COMIC SQUAD.
Having grown up reading different authors like Danielle Steel and Stephen King, Ginger has always been drawn more to story than to genre. This shows up in her various stories. Titles such as MY IMMORTAL and TASTE OF BLOOD are a delicious, heady mix of horror, suspense, and romance.
Genre romance, however, has held a special place in her heart, ever since she read her first Harlequin novel when she was only eleven. As a result, Ginger is making a name for herself writing romances of her own, starring women who look more like the average American woman rather than those traditionally represented in the size-biased American media. Her Rubenesque romances were created especially for those heroines with fuller figures, who can still get the man of their dreams if only they believe they can. Such titles include UNDER TEXAS SKIES, LOVE PLUS ONE, THE GROUPIE TRILOGY, THE FIERCE TRILOGY, THE FULLERTON FAMILY SAGA, THE LEFTOVER CLUB and PICTURE POSTCARDS.
Ginger was included in the best-selling book by Smith Magazine NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING, featuring her six-word memoir.

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Book Blast: Exchange of Fire

Today we're having a book blast for Exchange of Fire by P.A. DePaul. I'm super excited about this blast. We'll be revealing a deleted scene from Exchange of Fire and it's on sale right now as well!! Enjoy and make sure you enter P.A.'s giveaway!! Exchange of Fire BannerDeleted Scene: Introduction from the author: Exchange of Fire’s gone through quite a few changes since I typed the first draft. Some of them major. This scene was one of the first ones to be changed. As I wrote it, the storyline started shifting to be more about Cappy and his wound then about an assassin coming after Wraith by invading Grady’s home. Not good and too much time was being wasted trying to bring it back on track. As I brainstormed, I realized this scene could be so much more suspenseful and really dive into both Grady and Wraith’s personal storylines if I didn’t include Cappy and shifted Mars outside, trying to pick them off. Ultimately, this one scene developed into multiple chapters of high action and personal suspense (Chapters 39-41 to be exact). Hope you enjoy a peek at an earlier version!     Exclusive Deleted Scene: Grady crouched and squeezed off two shots down the hall to give Cappy a chance to find cover. Suddenly, the C.O. gripped his left side, toppled over, and pull himself behind the couch, leaving behind a grisly trail of blood. Shit! Grady whipped his head over to make sure Sandra was still with him. She wasn’t. Sonofabitch. He peered around the edge of the fireplace acting as a patrician between the living and dining rooms, and his heart stopped. She crept along the perimeter of the room, ducking behind chairs toward Cappy. Her whole body was silhouetted by the light coming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows that comprised the back wall of the living room. She was a Goddamn moving target. Grady brought his gun up and stepped from behind the fireplace. He ran to the corner of the hallway, placing his shoulder blades flat against the drywall. Where had that bastard gone? His former military training roared through his veins as he assessed his house’s layout. One of the most dangerous, yet rewarding, directives he’d experienced when he was a Marine was being a part of a unit that kicked down doors and cleared insurgents out in Baghdad. Except then, he had about seven other guys and snipers on the roofs as they leap-frogged through rooms taking out bad guys. He now had a team of two. Himself and Sandra. But he knew the terrain since it was his Goddamn house acting as a warzone. When Mars dove down the hall, he had to choose between three bedrooms and a bathroom. Based on logic, the guy had probably been creeping forward, so that meant he was most likely in the first guest bedroom. The one Grady rested against. Shit. He rolled. Two bullets pierced the drywall where he had just stood and traveled until they slammed into the side of the kitchen island. Pots and pans clattered as the bullets expended their energy. Grady continued his momentum and rolled to his feet, keeping low to the ground. He flicked on his throat-mic and whispered, “Talk to me, Sandra. How’s he doing?” “It’s bad. I’ve slowed the bleeding, but he needs a hospital.” Shit. Exactly what he was afraid of when he saw the gut shot. “He keeps saying he won’t go,” she continued. “But we’ll see about that.” “Did you get a hold of the others?” “Yeah. I used Cappy’s phone and sent a text warning them away.” Grady breathed out. While that was great news, it also sucked, knowing you just told back-up to grab a beer while you fought a psycho alone. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up anyway.” His gut clenched. That was his other fear. Talon was just bull-headed enough to come barging in even though they needed their asset, the inside man, to stay safe. “Roger.” He flicked his mic off and took a step forward. A large, dark shape emerged from the bedroom, racing toward him. Grady pulled his gun up and squeezed off a round. The shape didn’t slow. He didn’t have time for another shot. Mars ran right into him, literally. Grady fell on his ass in the most ungraceful position. The assassin kept running. “Heads up,” Grady shouted, scrambling into a shooting position. He fired at the man’s back. The bullet pierced the guy’s coat, but Mars still didn’t slow down. “He’s got armor on.” Pffffft. Pffffft. Sandra! Grady jumped up and started running. Bang. Bang. Bang. Grady dropped and crab-walked forward out of Cappy’s line of fire. He placed his shoulder against a high-backed chair and edged his gun around. With no lights or moonlight, Grady couldn’t see many details but even he could figure out Cappy was gone when he peered behind the couch. Only a large pool of blood now stained the oriental let him know where he had lain. Mars stalked toward the windows, giving Grady the advantage of seeing the man’s outline. Where was Sandra? Grady pulled the trigger. Blood spurted from the assassin’s left shoulder and the guy jerked, whirling toward him. Sandra jumped from her spot behind the couch, her knife catching the little bit of dull light as she thrust it forward and slashed down. Mars cried out as his right leg buckled. “Everyone, back off,” Sandra yelled, circling the assassin. Screw that. Grady raced forward. Mars raised his right hand, the gun just seconds from sighting on her head. Sandra dropped onto his stomach and punched him in the face with her silver knuckles. His head snapped to the side as a tooth flew from his mouth. The gun paused then resumed its deadly aim. Grady raised his arm and sighted. “I swear to God, Grady, if you pull that trigger,” she said as she slammed her knuckles into Mars’ face again, shredding the skin on his cheek. “I will make your life a living hell. This bastard’s mine.” In one deft move, she switched the knife from her right to her left hand and sliced the tendon on Mars’ forearm. The assassin screamed as the silenced gun flopped to the rug with a dull thud. He curled his bleeding arm into his chest. Cappy pulled himself around the couch’s corner and Sandra glanced up at the movement. Mars used that moment to slam his left fist into her face. She jerked back, dropping off his stomach.
  1. Grady shot the man in the leg.
Mars screamed and twitched, but he couldn’t do much more since Grady had aimed for the leg Sandra had already crippled. She righted herself, holding the right side of her head. She bucked with the man as if she were riding a bull in a rodeo. Her knife switched back to her right hand and she sliced through the bastard’s shirt. Mars drew back to punch her again but Cappy caught the man’s arm and held it down. “Go ahead,” he wheezed, using what had to be the last of his reserves to keep Mars from hitting her again. “Finish it.” Riiiiiipppppp. She pulled the fabric apart and released the binding on the armor vest. Mars’ chest rose and fell as he sucked in air. “Let him go, Cappy. Give him a fighting chance to stop me.” Grady’s heart filled with something he’d be hard pressed not to call love. He was also scared and pissed as hell at her taking this risk, but proud of her not ending the man in cold-blood either. Cappy held her eyes a moment then dipped his chin. He let go and rolled to his back panting. Mars swung at her head but she dodged back. He regrouped and clamped onto her leg, trying to push her off as he squeezed and flailed. She held on. He let go and wormed his hand under his body. He fumbled a moment, then whipped out a switchblade. “Look out,” Grady shouted, lunging forward. Sandra sprang off his body. The switchblade in Mars’ hand hung suspended as his eyes bugged, staring at her face. He tried to breathe in once, but gurgled on blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth. Sandra’s aim had been true. Grady slammed her body to his. She wrenched her head to watch as Mars’ face reddened, then his body gave out. He sagged, his head drooping to the side as he died staring at Sandra. She slumped. “Are you hurt?” He clutched the sides of her head and she whimpered. “Christ. I’m sorry. I forgot he hit you. Let me see.” She jerked her head out of hands. “Cappy first.” Shit. She was right. His inner caveman didn’t give a shit about the other man though. It only knew his woman was injured and demanded he take care of her. Pipe down, he told it and let her go. She raced to Cappy’s side and dropped to her knees. “Oh God,” she cried. “He’s barely breathing.” “I’m calling 911.” “No,” Cappy’s voice wheezed, stilling Grady’s hand from reaching for his cellphone. “No hospital.” “You have to go,” Sandra snapped. “No.” Cappy shook his head. “Gunshot.” His chest rose and fell as he tried to catch his breath. “Required.” Breath. “To report.” Huge breath. “Police.” “Shit. He’s right,” Grady said. “I’ll call Talon back.” Sandra fumbled for the phone. The garage door opening caught Grady’s attention. “Someone’s here.” He ran to the kitchen door and waited, his gun at the ready to nail anyone other than the team. The door squeaked open and Grady put the barrel to the intruder’s temple. “Freeze, asshole.” The man stopped. “Geez, Casper. I knew we didn’t get along, but this is a little extreme,” Talon’s voice said dryly. “Oh thank God,” Sandra called. “Talon, get your ass in here.” The prick shot him a look as he tore past, Romeo and Magician following a step behind. “What happened?” Talon barked as he rounded the fireplace. “Mars shot him.” “Shit.” A late twenty-something, thin man stepped through the door. His hair standing up in the back and he seemed as if he was frayed around the edges. His blue-checked, button down and khaki pants should have looked nice but they were ill-fitting. Grady put his hand out, stopping him from moving further in the kitchen. He leaned forward and whispered, “I don’t know you. You stay right here with me.” “He won’t go to the hospital,” Sandra continued to explain. Mystery Boy’s eyes widened. “Wraith. She’s still safe.” His shoulder sagged. About Exchange of Fire:9780698180949-ExchangeofFi_CVFaking her death was easy, living with her past is harder, but nothing is more dangerous than falling in love… Sandra Walsh was a deadly sniper for the Sweet Briar Group, a covert agency with assassins for hire, until her last mission went horribly wrong, accidentally killing an innocent girl. Knowing she’s a danger to her team, Sandra goes off the grid, becoming a Shade—an agent declared dead but secretly hiding among the living. She intends to honor her vow never to pull another trigger or have contact with the spy world again. Until she meets Casper Grady… Grady is a former Marine with a troubled past and a debt to pay. His life mission has gone from protecting the nation to helping local children and their families. The moment he meets Sandra, he knows there’s more to her than meets the eye, but he can’t help but be drawn to the mysterious femme fatale. And when Sandra’s past suddenly catches up to her, Grady is determined to protect her at all costs, no matter how dark and dangerous her secrets are. As the danger increases, so does their intense attraction. But when they’re forced to choose between each other and the people they’ve sworn to protect, their growing love might not be enough to keep them together—or alive… Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Exchange of Fire Goodreads | BAM | iTunes | KoboP.A. DePaul Bio:PA DePaul Author PhotoP.A. DePaul is a multi-genre romance author including paranormal fantasy and romantic suspense. She originally hails from Carroll County and Baltimore County, Maryland, but also lived in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia. She currently resides in a beautiful community just outside Philadelphia. Exchange of Fire is the first novel in the SBG series with the second novel, Shadow of Doubt, releasing April 2015. You can also find out more about her at,,,, and
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Release Day Launch: The Future Without Hope by Nazarea Andrews

If you read our blog, you know how excited I am that the third installment to this series is coming out and that I have the wonderful privilege of reading it and blogging my thought on November 27th.  That's Thanksgiving Day!  So, it will be a wonderful day full of turkey and one of my favorite series.


 Today we have the release day launch of The Future Without Hope by Nazarea Andrews. I am so excited about this sexy zombie romance. Nazarea is sharing an exclusive excerpt and a awesome giveaway. Be sure to enter and check out all the book details!!
Blogs Taking Part in the Release Day Launch

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Exclusive Excerpt:
I go to the Underground. It’s deserted this early, but I know some of the acolytes will be there, and a few priests. It’s a gamble, but it’s what I have.
I could go to Omar. It would take very little to reach out to the High Priest, and I know him—he might be loyal to the Order, but he’ll do whatever he can to destabilize the Red Priestess. Even helping me steal back a sacrifice.
But that would mean trusting him. And I’m not ready for that. Not yet.
So I go to the vice clubs.
The doors are locked. I bang once, and wait impatiently until two acolytes pry open the door. “The clubs are closed until sunset,” the one in green robes lisps.
“I’m not here for the vice clubs,” I say. “I need to see the High Priest of the Haven.”
They exchange a quick look, and then the Red shakes her head. She’s familiar—the same acolyte who attended me when I fought. The sweet hospitality in her eyes from the previous night is gone now, replaced with a cool reserve that borders on hostility. She isn’t a woman impressed right now. She’s a fledgling priestess protecting the Order. And that makes me smile, slow and amused.
“He isn’t here.”
“Tell him that Finn O’Malley needs to see him. He has two hours to meet me at the house on the edge of the wall and return what he took from me. If I don’t have her by then, I will start killing his priests—and I won’t stop until every member of the Order in 1 is dead.” I pause, and stare at them. Their eyes are wide, fear mixing with anger and shock.
They don’t believe me. And because of that, they won’t deliver the message. I lean in and murmur into the space between them. “If you think I wouldn’t do it—I want you to know, I fought for Kelsey Buchman in the war. There is nothing I wouldn’t do. And if she isn’t there, in two hours, yours will be the first blood I spill.”

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00074]  The Future Without Hope Synopsis: Separated from Finn, captive of the Order, Nurrin has no hope left. But she has survived twenty years of zombies--and she has the unshakable faith that Finn will find her. But Finn is a long way away. The Order's influence runs deeper than was ever suspected, and politics are shifting--and zombies may not be the most dangerous thing she's facing. Finn always thought the war stripped him of all he had to lose. But with Nurrin missing and doors closing in his face, he realizes there is always more for the world to take--and he will drag the remains of civilization down with him before he gives up on the only promise that matters. Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Goodreads The World Without a Future (Book 1) Amazon | Barnes and Noble The Horde Without End (Book 2) Amazon | Barnes and Noble  

  Nazarea Andrews Bio: Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She is the author of the University of Branton series, Neverland Found series, and Edge of the Falls. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
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Review: Rev by JC Emery

Title: Rev
By: JC Emery
Series: Bayonet Scars #3
My Copy: Ebook for Honest Review
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Everyone belongs somewhere. Even the misfits.

With the looming threat from the Mancuso Crime Family, the Forsaken Motorcycle Club is preparing for a war that could destroy them. Grady, the club’s Sergeant-at-Arms, knows that love makes you weak, and he has zero interest in adding to his liabilities– especially now. He’s already got his teenage daughter who keeps him on his toes and a beef within the club that could fracture his relationship with a fellow brother for good.

For Holly Mercer, her life is finally getting on track and the last thing she wants is trouble from her hometown’s resident outlaws. Keeping her nose clean is easier said than done, when suddenly she finds herself embroiled in club business. Holly might like the idea of being with a real-life bad boy, but even being in the same room with tough-as-nails Grady flusters her.

When Holly inadvertently finds herself on Mancuso’s radar, she has two choices: trust that Grady will protect her, or continue to refuse the club’s help. Both roads are dangerous, but only one has the chance to damage her beyond repair.

Love is never more dangerous than when it can destroy you.

Rev is a more disturbing story than the previous two novels included in the Bayonet Scars series. At the end of Thrash (Book 2) Grady was very much the villian. His persistent agitation of the crews actions in regards to their women had left a very disappointed opinion of his character. When I discovered that book three would be his story I anticipated one of the two experiences. Either I would not enjoy this story as immensely as the previous books, or I would have to experience a story that would alter my opinions. Lucky for me, the later is exactly what I found in my experience with Rev. Grady is a very loyal and devoted man; which would explain the reasons for his difficult and nonsupporting views in the past, as well as, the level of intensity with this book. It was an absolute pleasure to learn more about his character, and have my opinions altered in such a drastic manner. Holly is definitely his match, and the friction that these characters generate make for a highly compelling read. This series is pack full of strong resilient women, and I almost think that Holly takes the cake on those qualities. This woman was far more fierce than any we have seen, and I was fascinated by her drive from the start. The way she takes Grady on is exhilarating; almost like baiting a lion. These are definitely two characters that love and hate equally and wholly. Their raw intensity is powerful drug that will fuel readers addiction. On a much darker note, Rev takes this series to a whole new level with the severity of the story line. Mindy and Holly are truly survivors, and the disturbing events of this story only prove to exaggerate the already barbaric nature to these books. This dive into the abyss proved a success for JC Emery. This is a wonderful talented author that is not afraid of a challenge. The ruthless and uncanny ability to create the most enticing story out of this wild and violent lifestyle is a show of brilliance.
~BookWhisperer Reviewer Jax~